Mr Christopher Wheeler and Mrs Anna Wheeler , London / UK

April 28th - May 2nd, 2016

My wife and I recently visited Istanbul. It was our first trip to Istanbul and we found the city fascinating. However, Koray helped to bring it alive for us due to the depth of his knowledge and the way he explained the development of the city from the centre of the Byzantine Empire to the hub of the Ottoman world, to a Republic. On meeting us he very quickly established our level of knowledge and our interest and adapted his explanations accordingly. It is difficult to pick out a highlight as we saw so many fascinating places and experienced so many interesting things. However, in terms of a real surprise the Chora Church probably topped the bill. Given Koray was not bought up a Christian, as my wife and I were, his knowledge of the life of the Virgin Mary and Christ as depicted on the ceiling of the church was remarkable. He was also the perfect guide in terms of moving us around the city seamlessly and allowing us to enjoy being part of Istanbul. So often we have travelled around cities in a car, so it was a treat to walk around it and use the tram system. We also enjoyed being introduced to traditional Anatolian cuisine and the unbiquitous “Turkish bagel”. Finally, Koray was very quick to adapt the schedule to deal with our specific requests or other circumstances. The unexpected trip to the Patriach’s residence was a good example of this.

Thank you for all your help and please pass on these comments to Koray.

Best regards,

Christopher Wheeler FCA

US Bank Research

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