William Richard GLUCK & Mrs. Margaret Elizabeth GLUCK

Fellow Travelers,

I am writing to share my latest travel adventure story.

In January 2019, I attended the Travel Show at the Jacob Javits center in NYC. My wife and I wandered up and down aisles filled with travel agents from around the globe. I collected brochures and spoke with many representatives from many countries.

Upon returning home, we began browsing this huge collection of places to visit with no real destination in mind. Little by little, based on our travel window, we settled on Turkey. This choice surprised nearly everyone I told. “Is it safe?” was the first question everyone asked. In short, yes!

At the travel show, we met a lovely woman, Iffet, who represents Peten Tours in Turkey. As soon as we started speaking with her, it felt like we’d won the lottery of travel agents. Iffet and I began planning our Turkish adventure. Iffet took the utmost care and dedicated a tremendous amount of time and consideration to each and every minute detail of this trip. From assistance with our international flights (Turkish Air was a great experience with a great price tag), domestic flights in Turkey, hotels, excursions with well-informed guides and even restaurant recommendations, Iffet was the best!

Every aspect of our trip was meticulously planned from start to finish. Iffet from Peten Tours is someone I’d recommend working with without a second of hesitation.

Anton and Anthea Newbury

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for organising our Istanbul tour.

Koray was INCREDIBLE! His knowledge and enthusiasm are contagious! We loved every minute of out fascinating, informative day.

Koray truly brought the amazing history of Istanbul (and Turkey) to life. And his professionalism was outstanding.

We had a very special day, thank you!

Alexandra McMeekin

Iffet (Peten Tours) wants visitors to experience and learn about her Turkey...we did just that! This was my second trip with Peten Tours to her country which is vast and diverse. Each trip is a complete package of learning...the people, floral, history, and the geology, which Iffet has personally visited and builds the itinerary around. The Guides are very accomplished and well chosen.

Leslie Dashew

I first used Peten Tours in 2002 when I had the great opportunity to travel with Iffet, the owner of the company. I have had the good fortune to travel with Iffet and/or her staff perhaps 4 times since--including twice this year. They are the most knowledgeable, thorough and caring travel professionals that I have ever met. Further, the materials they provide, the guides and experts they organize and the access they have assure that the trip to Turkey provides in depth understanding of the country, its history, archaeology, plants and other features.

Peten Travels is the standard by which I measure all other travel professionals.

Iffet continues to do research and come up with interesting itineraries and the latest information to assure safe and fascinating travel.

James Christy Wareham

Iffet has operated this travel company for something like 20 years (more, I think, but ask her). A friend of mine who has made his arrangements with her before has long relied on her expertise and attentiveness, and we booked our travels in Turkey to Ephesus, Cappadocia, and other regions for a quick week and a half before returning to depart from Istanbul.

Every guide Iffet placed us with knew thoroughly the places we visited, and they were just terrific, interesting people as well, giving us a personal sense of the culture we came to encounter. The hotels were great and the transportation seamless, all of it at very reasonable cost.

Meeting Iffet, it's immediately evident that she, as well as her staff, take the care and support of their clients as a personal mission. We're all different, each one of us travelers, and this agency makes sure to discover just who we are, what we care about and what we want from our journey. We both left fulfilled and delighted, and we're grateful.

James Soong

It has taken me a couple of weeks to recover but I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the tour. I thought the guide was excellent, patient, informative with a good personality in dealing with us, even when one was in a grumpy mood. The driver. He was good and someone I would hire myself if I needed a driver. They both worked well as a team. I do hope that you will convey my thoughts to them.

Sandy McMeekin

Peten Travels is the complete package for any trip to Turkey! Programs are carefully planned by Iffet then discussed with the guide who is responsible for delivery to the clients. Guides are professional, knowledgeable and manage all the details.Having just completed my second trip with Peten, I know nothing is left to chance and I highly recommend this travel company.

Margo and Ed

We are having a wonderful time . Yunak Evleri is amazing and we are still in awe. On our first day we were a bit concerned about Turhan but he has been really good these past two days. He is very knowledgeable and has been flexible. We appreciate that.

Thank you so much for arranging this adventure for us.

Lucia Howard

We are having a wonderful time and have loved our guides and the itinerary. We are just finishing our cruise, which was definitely the highlight of our trip. Although it started out pretty rough (biggest storm and flooding they had in 100 years), it finished with a beautiful night sail tonight and an exceptional dinner. The crew are the most wonderful and accommodating people! We could not have wished for anything better. We would definitely recommend them to our friends.

David and Linda

First of all, a really big 'Thank You' for making our trip to Turkey and our Tour so memorable ! Again, thank you for all your kindness and hard work on our behalf . You gave up so much of your time and Linda and I are so grateful and I know that Richard and his Family will reflect on the tour and relish it.

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