Dr. Yiannis Christofides, based in Platres in Cyprus, has a wealth of knowledge about the wild flowers and history of the island. He is a naturalist, specializing in botany but with a broad spectrum of knowledge that includes butterflies, insects and reptiles. He is a fine photographer, specializing in orchids. He has published a book on the orchids of Cyprus and is currently working on a flora of the island. He has led many trips in Cyprus, Crete, Turkey and the Dolomites.

His Publications:

  • The Orchids of Cyprus
  • Several papers in the fields of chemistry, botany and entomology.
  • The Alpine Gardener: Vol. 80 no3 p.272 Alpines in Cyprus (which won the Christopher Grey-Wilson Award for the best Feature Article published in the society’s bulletin)
  • The Alpine Gardener: Vol. 81 no2 The autumn flowers of Lycia
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