Sabine Ladstätter is Director of the Austrian Archaeological Institute. She received her Ph.D in 1997 from the University of Vienna. As a member and vice-director of the Institute for Studies of Ancient Cultures at the Austrian Academy of Science she has taken part in different excavations in Austria, Egypt and Turkey, especially Ephesus. She has organized the research project of the Terrace houses and worked on stratigraphy and pottery from several excavation places in Ephesus. In 2007 she got her postdoctoral lecture qualification, since October 2009 she is director of the Austrian Archaeological Institute and since May 2010 excavation director in Ephesus.

Private tours can be arranged with Dr Sabine Ladstätter and her team for a donation through Peten Travels. Please note all funds go directly to the Ephesus excavation site.

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