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Since 1997 Peten Travels has specialized in the design and delivery of tours within Turkey. We are one of the few tour companies operating within Turkey, that is 100 percent Turkish owned and operated. Our lecturers and guides, who lead participants into the very heart of Turkey’s history and pre-history, are carefully selected from the intellectual elite. In addition to their profound academic and practical mastery of their subject matter, our guides have a thorough command of the English language while being wonderful travel companions! On a Peten Travels tour all lectures and tours of archaeological sites are conducted by the project directors or key staff members. This provides for a richly detailed and unique perspective for all of our travelers.

Our escorted holidays are ‘Journeys of Discovery’. Each features an extraordinary selection of exotic and fascinating sites, many of which are tours unique to Peten Travels. Every itinerary has been meticulously designed and planned to provide the traveler with a genuine sense of in-depth discovery. Additionally, Peten Travels’ flawless attention to comfort, style, expert guidance and high value-for-money assures you of a remarkable journey.

Our journeys also provide participants with a unique glimpse into the lives of the Turkish people along with their daily challenges, their proud traditions, goals and political environment. Our guests not only meet privately with internationally renowned experts working in the field, but with the local people of Anatolia as well.

We promise our guests not only a rich educational experience, but also the companionship that comes from connecting with of a small group of fellow travelers with shared interests. This is a truly personal vacation. This is why many of our guests correspond with each other for years to come. Feel free to ask us for a list of former participants, many of whom are repeat customers returning to experience the splendor of Turkey over and over. Our satisfied guests truly are Peten Travels’ best marketing tool. View Testimonials page.

At Peten Travels our mission is to educate and enlighten while showing you the magnificence of Turkey. We confidently promise you the journey of a lifetime and look forward to traveling with you.

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Giving Back

Peten Travels supports cultural preservation. We believe that while our tours provide our customers with wonderful holidays, they also educate. We believe it is vital to increase awareness for the need to protect and restore all archaeological sites while honoring the natural and cultural environment of Turkey. This is why we donate to many archaeological excavations and non-profit historical educational institutions. Peten Travels always supports and respects the local customs, natural habitats and economies of each area visited while fostering genuine ties within each community. On the home front all of our brochures are made from recycled paper while paper waste is kept to a minimum.

Below is a list of organizations and excavations that have received donations from Peten Travels.

Excavation of the Aegean city of Assos (Temple of Athena) in Çanakkale
Ephesus – https://www.oeaw.ac.at/oeai/
Kerkenez – http://www.kerkenes.metu.edu.tr/
Catalhoyuk – http://www.catalhoyuk.com/
Hattusa – http://www.hattuscha.de/
The Archaeology Channel-underwriter – http://www.archaeologychannel.org/
Aşıklı Höyük http://www.asiklihoyuk.org/
Kaman-Kalehöyük http://www.jiaa-kaman.org/

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