“No man can cross the same river twice, because neither the man nor the river are the same.”

by herakleitos from ephesus

A “gulet” is a picturesque traditional wooden yacht modified to accommodate passengers. These boats are powered by a quiet engine most of the time as their sails are mostly for show. However our captains use the sails whenever possible. Our gulets are between 32 and 42-metre vessels with 4, 5 or 6 air-conditioned cabins beautifully finished with mahogany paneling. Each cabin has a private bathroom with a shower. There is plenty of room for relaxing and reading in the lounge or on the decks outside. A large kitchen and bar area is located towards the back of the gulet, and meals are served in a large open area at the stern. Canvas and sailcloth awnings cover the dining area and a portion of the foredeck thus providing shade for comfortable lounging. All of our boats carry emergency medical kits and also have a basic library offering both classical and modern literature for your reading pleasure.

Please see the Discover Turkey by Land and Sea Tour for a sample of a possible itinerary. Of course Peten Travels is open to any ideas you may have in regards to exploring the Turkish Mediterranean coast.

All of our gulets comply with the high safety standards of local government regulations, which are monitored thoroughly by the coast guard.

Please contact us at petenturizm@petentour.com.

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